We are playing our part in shaping a sustainable future through how we do business and the business we do.


At Glen Dimplex, we view sustainability as a dynamic response to the unique challenges posed by climate change and the resulting energy transition within each of our diverse divisions. Our commitment is not merely about addressing current challenges; it's about building a sustainable future that extends beyond our company to benefit the broader network of communities we touch. 

Our goal is not only to ensure a sustainable future for our Group but also to contribute to the well-being of future generations. Central to our sustainability mission is the alignment of our combined activities with our Purpose. We strive to showcase our climate credentials, establishing the groundwork to position ourselves as leaders in the global transition to a sustainable world. 

To delve deeper into our sustainability efforts, we invite you to explore our Sustainability Reports, providing comprehensive insights into our initiatives and progress. 

Sustainability Report 2023 | Sustainability Report 2022 


Empower Now

We strive to put sustainable thinking at the core of our business, ensuring our business activities reduce the negative impacts on society and the planet guided by our values and our people. Our Empower Now Framework will enable us to achieve this in 5 key areas: 

Transforming our Products, Rethinking Resources, Empowering our People. Partnering for Success and Laying Foundations.

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Transforming Our Products

As people’s preferences move towards more transparent and sustainable products, our teams will continue to adapt and be at the forefront of innovation. We incorporate sustainability design principles into our decision-making for product development. We will constantly keep abreast of technology that will help us become more sustainable whilst investing in key innovations ourselves.

Rethinking Resources

We recognise that a healthy environment is essential to the health of society. When you look around and see the challenges facing our planet, it is clear that we need to make changes in the way we do business. We are dedicated to taking urgent climate action across our entire business, focusing on travel and transport, management of our buildings and manufacturing process.

Empowering Our People

We aim to put our people at the heart of our business by nurturing an inclusive culture and investing in the quality of life of the communities we serve. People want to work for companies where they can really make a difference. The health and happiness of our people is directly linked to the pride they share in delivering their best to our customers, and the wider world.

Partnering for Success

We aim to embed sustainable action across our entire business and encourage everyone we work with to do the same. We recognise that the world is more connected than ever and we must collaborate to see success. We will engage with our stakeholders, industry, suppliers, and customers to ensure their needs, feedback, and ideas are incorporated into our decision making.

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