Our visionary brands redefine the ambiance of home spaces with stunning flame effect fireplaces. From providing the beautiful warmth radiating from a real wood fire to creating atmosphere and cosiness in your home with an electric fireplace, we're here to elevate your experience and bring the perfect atmosphere to every room.

Generations of expertise

With a rich history in developing innovative fireplace solutions, our portfolio of brands sets the standard in the international market. We understand the unique comfort created by a flickering flame, and our electric, gas, and biomass options offer the same warmth without the concerns of safety, maintenance, and cost. Experience the beauty of a real wood fire or the convenience of an electric fireplace, all leading with efficient flame technology and stylish designs. 

Efficiency in every flame

Flame is more than just warmth; it's a connection to comfort and ambiance. At Glen Dimplex, we recognise the importance of managing the energy transition effectively. Our commitment as industry specialists goes beyond creating desirable flame appliances; it extends to ensuring cost-effectiveness and sustainability. By leveraging our international expertise, we design flame appliances and wood burners that are fuel and particulate efficient, using only the energy necessary for the space they occupy. Join us in embracing a better way to manage energy while enjoying the timeless allure of flame. 


Our flame brands

Flame appliances and wood burners bringing comfort and efficiency for spaces large and small.





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Electric – Gas

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Wood – Solid Fuel


Wood – Solid Fuel

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