Our People

Glen Dimplex is a family business. We continually work to ensureĀ that this is felt by all our employees.

Exciting new opportunities

We are building a Global Business Services team that will enable us to operate efficiently across the world, translate our data into insight, and turn our vision into a reality. Be here from the start.


Glen Dimplex is a family business. We continually work to ensure that this is felt by all our employees; those out on the road selling our products, those in our factories around the world, building class-leading products and systems, our marketers, engineers and designers who develop the ideas and all those who make Glen Dimplex the success it is today.

Fergal Naughton
Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

What is Glen Dimplex like to work for?

I love the fact that, in my role, every day is different at Glen Dimplex - it is a dynamic place to work, with so many new and exciting challenges and opportunities! Also, for me the people make Glen Dimplex such a great place to work. There is a vibrant working environment and people pull together to make things happen!

Eva Jacques, Project Co-ordinator

How has Glen Dimplex helped you to develop as a person?

I have become more confident in my abilities and I am comfortable speaking with customers on a daily basis. I have developed skills that haveĀ been brought on by looking after an engineering team.

Ger Finneran, Project Engineer