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At Glen Dimplex, we prioritise customer care and collaboration, placing them at the core of our client relationships. Our focus is on crafting customised systems for high precision machine and process cooling. With over 10,000 customers spanning 30 market segments globally, we work hand in hand to develop reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that not only meet current industry demands but also anticipate future needs. With our customised chillers we provide the right solution to our customers.

Global presence, local impact

Operating across three continents, we have a global network of production, development, and round-the-clock service. Our diverse applications extend to medical; industrial and process cooling and cover needs in areas ranging from laser machines, medical devices such as MRI or CT to professional 3D printing machines. With a commitment to impact locally and work globally, our teams ensure that precision cooling is not just a service but a strategic partnership. 

Innovation driving sustainability

Linking innovation in Precision Cooling to global sustainability, we recognize the pivotal role of energy efficiency. Our design excellence consistently delivers high-performance, reliable systems, enabling realistic net-zero commitments. As more than 15% of the world's primary energy is consumed for cooling, contributing to approximately 8% of global CO2 emissions, the demand for sustainable cooling solutions is on the rise. At Glen Dimplex, we are not just adapting to this change; we are pioneering it, creating a cooler, more sustainable future for industries worldwide. 


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Specialist cooling technology delivering performance you can rely on.

Riedel Kooling & Koolant Kooling

Customised system solutions for high precision machine and process cooling.
Medical – Industrial – Process


Reliable & energy-efficient range of industrial cooling solutions from plug & play compact devices to individually developed systems with extensive services.

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