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Dimplex Thermal Solutions

Dimplex Thermal Solutions is the North American process cooling solution provider featuring the premier brands of Koolant Koolers and Riedel North America chillers. As an ISO 9001certified US-based manufacturer of Koolant Koolers brand and the reseller of the German-based chiller brand, Riedel, Dimplex Thermal Solutions brings a broad range of products, service and global support to industrial manufacturing, food processing and medical imaging markets. The primary applications include cooling medical diagnostic imaging equipment, lasers, machine tool components (spindles, ball screws, linear motors, hydraulics, etc.), metalworking fluids, resistance welding, plasma and thermal spray equipment, water jet, filtration equipment and food processing and packaging equipment.

Product Ranges

Chiller capacities range from 500 watts (1,500 Btu/Hr.) to 2,460 kW (8,400,000 Btu/Hr.).Chillers can be built to meet UL1995, CSA, JIC, NEMA, NFPA 79, CE or NTRL standards.


Koolant Koolers

For more than 60 years, the Koolant Koolers brand has provided industrial and medical industries with reliable cooling solutions.

Riedel North America

The Riedel chiller brand is well-known for its precision cooling benefits that specifically are suited for all types of industrial laser equipment.

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