Glen Dimplex

Renewable Technology

Why predict the future when you can create it?

Glen Dimplex is a global leader in the development and delivery of highly-efficient, multi-product, multi-energy solutions for space and water heating, ventilation, heat recovery and energy management.

With 40% of all global energy requirements coming from buildings, integrating renewable energy into building design is paramount.

Glen Dimplex low carbon technology doesn’t just make environmental sense, it is also the most economically forward-looking too; saving on fuel, saving on maintenance, saving on parts.  Around the world our systems enable our customers to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize running costs.

At Glen Dimplex we look forward to playing a significant role in building a brighter, cleaner and more comfortable future.  We constantly ask; why predict the future, when we can help create it?

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps extract heat from the ground, air or water around us, providing an ideal low-carbon, low-cost means of heating buildings of all kinds. 

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Suitable for homes, businesses, schools or community buildings and with no moving parts, solar PV provides one of the easiest and most reliable ways to future proof against rising energy costs whilst reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Solar Thermal Water Heating

Solar water heating systems are one of the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly renewable energy solutions available, reducing fuel bills and carbon dioxide emissions.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

These systems use air extracted from warm areas of a building, to heat fresh air drawn in from outside, reducing heating costs in winter, and providing a constant flow of cool fresh air in hot weather.

SmartRad Fan Convector Radiator

The Dimplex SmartRad fan convector radiator represents the cutting-edge in high-efficiency heating technology.  Capable of operating at half the water-flow temperature of traditional panel radiators the SmartRad is incredibly efficient.